Architecture and design

arth102—–Reaction Papers

750 words.  Chicago style format.


Reaction Papers about any subject, time period or artwork from the text. These are to be submitted at the beginning of class on the due date(s).


  ch 26 / 27 notes (P 817) Landscape by Bunsei , illustrates the Zen influenced landscape tradition.

(P839) Page from Codex Mendoza, what they are illustrating is that waterways divided the city into four quarters.

feather work was used widely in   Meso   American art.      ch 28 / 29 notes

 (P871) Jadeite was believed to have sacred powers by Maori men

(P885) Artists made figures emphasizing  health and well being to encourage birth of children.

Architecture and design


Review Week 5 concepts by completing a 175- to 210-word summary of the following: If you were to have a work of art created to express your experiences as a student, what would it be? What would it look like? How would it communicate your experience in terms of its composition?

Submit a summary of your responses using the Assignment Files tab. Follow APA guidelines

Architecture and design

2 slide powerpoint


To prepare for this Assignment: Review Chapter 4 in the course text, The Photographer’s Eye. Choose a subject of interest on which to base the composition of your photograph. Choose three graphic elements from the chapter reading this week to apply in the composition of your photograph. Compose and take a photograph that uses your chosen graphic elements to create a story or highlight a theme. By Day 4

The Assignment: Create a 2-slide PowerPoint presentation that includes the following:

Slide 1: In one photograph, apply three graphic elements to create a story or highlight a theme for your composition. Include a brief description of your photograph (title and subject). Slide 2: Write a 3- to 4-paragraph description of the graphic elements of your photograph and the story or theme you are expressing. Include answers to the following: Analyze how effective you were at achieving your photographic goal. What might you do differently next time? Be sure to cite at least one example from the course readings to support your writing.

Architecture and design

Design use In illustrator and Photoshop and in design

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Architecture and design

Analysis the picture (Design major)

This work is for designer major with perfect English skill, otherwise don’t bother!!!

You need to know this 4

1.Eidetic categories

2.Chromatic categories 

3 Topological categories

4 recognition of values conveyed by plastic

use these FOUR elements to analyze the whale

Architecture and design

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Architecture and design


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Architecture and design

arth110—–essay3—-500 words

Your essay will analyze the artistic agenda of the Surrealists—an early 20th-century group of artists who created fantastical, bizarre, and irrational works of art.

·       Your essay must be at least 500-words long.

·       You must use a word processing program (such as MS Word) to write your essay.

·       You must then submit/attach your essay to the assignment page as a DOC, DOCX, or PDF file.

·       To submit/attach your essay to the assignment page, you must click “Attach File” under the “Assignment Submission” section.

·       The grading rubric for this essay can be found in the “Rubrics” folder under the “Resources” button.

Topic/Title— “In Dreams: Surrealism and the Human Condition”

The 20th century bore witness to the emergence of a trend towards art that explored the human condition—art that explored human psychology with bizarre, irrational, and nonsensical ideas and images.  Such ideas and images are usually associated with our dreams and nightmares (our subconscious experiences).  You will write an essay on this trend.  To do so, you must follow these criteria:

Focus your attention on the Surrealists—an early 20th-century group of artists who created fantastical, bizarre, and irrational art.  You must explain Surrealism’s artistic agenda and pay particular attention to what the Surrealists intended to say with their art.  You must also explain why the strange works of art produced by the Surrealists were timely—what they said about culture and society during the early 20th century.  Do not forget to cite specific artists and their works of art.  You cannot successfully write about this topic unless you do so.

Architecture and design

Brainwave Shots Review

Start reading and turn off the T.V. Find good books and immerse yourself in them. Buy Success videos to watch when you are working with the T.V. on or buy CDs or MP3s to use if you have the ability to use them instead of your T.V.

Get motivated. Listening to the right things and reading the right books will help you get and stay motivated. Get away from negative friends. If they do not believe in what you are doing then you don’t need to be around them. You know more people than you think and those people that may be on the fringe of your friend list may be the people that you need to be around.

Think about what you are saying to yourself. Really ask the better questions. Don’t ask, “Why do I always fail,” ask “How can I succeed at this” or, “What do I need to do to succeed.” You have everything in you to succeed at what you are meant to do. Don’t give up and you won’t fail.

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Architecture and design

Research Proposal

The use of Adrinka symbols in textiles or African prints in Ghana and it symbolic meanings to modern trends.


Statement of problem

Literature Review


Reference: Chicago