The Client

Inisope, Inc. is the market leader in disposable dog rain coats. They come on a roll like baggies and use tabs (like diapers) to attach to the bottom of a dog’s legs. They come in a variety of sizes. When you get back from the walk, you can simply throw it away with no smelly mess.

The Project 

Inisope was founded by Austin Fichtner as a single person business run out of an apartment but has grown to over 2000 employees. However, their I.T. and internal processes have not kept pace with this growth and as a result are a patchwork of different systems and workflows. 

Design a small suite of tests for your Web application. This suite should include:

Functional Testing, such as: Checking links Test Web forms Validate CSS tags Validate Javascript tags

Database Testing, such as: A search that returns a single record A search that returns no records A search the returns multiple records

Browser Compatibility Testing Function with some browser features turned off (e.g., Javascript)

Make sure you add comments to your test scripts to explain what is happening with each test case.