Background of Inisope:

The Client

Inisope, Inc. is the market leader in disposable dog rain coats. They come on a roll like baggies and use tabs (like diapers) to attach to the bottom of a dog’s legs. They come in a variety of sizes. When you get back from the walk, you can simply throw it away with no smelly mess. 

This week you will need to lay out a strategic roadmap for Inisope. In addition to an executive summary and a conclusion, this document should cover at least the following: How to bring the employee directory to production, including adding features such as searching on multiple fields, adding an administrative page for updating records and exporting the results to different formats, such as a spreadsheet file. (Feel free to add your own ideas as well.) How Inisope can sell their product online. Note that this will tie into other process areas, such as using the employee directory information to route customer inquiries. Physical expansion – their business is growing and they’d like to grow with it but their internal communications don’t easily scale up.

Submit a 3-5 page (not including title page and references) strategic roadmap document for Inisope.