One of my main goals as a public safety administrator would be to be a transformational leader.  These are leaders that have the ability to transform people’s views and also make positive change happen within and without his/her sphere of influence. Research evidence clearly shows that groups led by transformational leaders have higher levels of performance and satisfaction than groups led by other types of leaders (Riffio, 2009).  By being the best example to your coworkers, you have the ability to change perceptions and this, in turn, can make your workplace thrive and be more productive.  Delegating responsibility, listening to stakeholders, and being sensitive to people’s needs and expectations (being empathetic) can actually help inform any leader and help him/her stay on top of any problems or situations that need to be addressed.  There should be no tolerance for any type of discrimination in the workplace.  Rather, there should be an all-inclusive environment so that everyone feels that they have a voice in the organization.  This bonds people together and makes for a place where teamwork is valued.


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