Please answer these questions in a short answer fashion. Must not be from the internet. 

 . 1. Why was Manet’s Luncheon on the Grass rejected from the Salon?

 2. Explain some of the key technological developments that made Impressionism possible.

 3. Explain “Form follows function”. 

4. Explain what Picasso and Braque were doing with cubism. 

5. Explain the emergence of Dadaism. 

6. How does Warhol’s art combine commercial art with traditional styles and techniques? 

7. Describe how the art of Kehinde Wiley can be described as Neo-Academic painting.

 8. How is street art different from traditional art both in technique and style? 

9. What roles did women play in early film? 

10. Be able to define the terms on film and film editing