We respond to colors in everyday life much more than we think. Have you ever driven from point A to point B and actually sat and contemplated when to go and when to stop at controlled intersections? Our brains have been trained to respond in a certain way to colors, when the intersection light is lit in green, you may slow down just enough to make sure the intersection is clear, but you never have to think if you need to stop, you just keep going. If the light is red you stop, often times without thinking about it at all. Colors in art seem to work the same way to me, If I see an abstract piece that is primarily red, I may consider this an angry painting, or I may interpret it as a celebration of Christmas. Orange colors combined with browns will draw my mind to the fall, or autumn. 

     Some colors can even be used to set the mood of a room. Red foyers, entry ways, and living rooms create a bold first impression and creates excitement. Yellow is vibrant and airy, good for use in dining rooms.and the color blue is warm and comfortable, best in bedrooms, and bathrooms. Do any of you have any of these color combinations in your own home? Does the rooms you have give you the same feel?