This literature review will be used to support a position paper, which is due later. For the position paper, you will choose one of the current debates in the field of leadership psychology and defend a position .


For the literature review, you must select at least five appropriately cited, peer-reviewed journal articles related to that debate. Refrain from stating your opinion on any of the material in the literature review; you will have an opportunity to do that in the position paper.


The literature review should begin with an overview of the subject. State your objective for conducting a literature review. Next, divide your selected resources into categories (each side of the debate). Compare and contrast each source and determine which sources best support the argument.


For each source:


·         Include proper APA citation

·         Identify the problem: List the side of the debate the source supports

·         Compare the resource: Explain how it is similar to or different from other sources

·         Final Review: Consider the objectivity of the article, the sources the author selected to support his or her ideas, and the value of the author’s conclusions. Discuss how the article can be used to support your position paper.



6-8 page Lit Review APA