After a rough night’s sleep on the train, The Favorite Foods Diet  I woke up and the woman across the aisle, She-Who-Wouldn’t-Budge, started talking to me. Not very much, but she was actually pretty nice. It made me think that perhaps what she really needed was someone to just acknowledge her right to be there last night. Maybe the problem wasn’t that she “had a heart condition” and “needed to sit next to where the air was.” Perhaps all she wanted was for someone to let her know, “I’m glad you’re here. You’re more than welcome to share this space.”

Many individuals with anorexia eat less so that they can be smaller and take up less space. They feel like they don’t deserve to be here, as if there’s no room for them in the world. Overeating is on the opposite end of the scale, it’s a way of saying, “Notice me! Look at me! I’m here! See me!” As children we learned that in order to receive love, we had to first be noticed, yes We cried, we screamed, and we jumped through all sorts of hoops to make sure our parents and loved ones knew we were there.


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