– Design 

                    Type of service:
Research Paper 

                         Double spacing                                               

                    Paper format:

                    Number of pages:
2 pages 

                    Number of sources:
2 sources 

                    Paper detalis:                 

The essay should  be 2-page paper , and use double space. Sketch pictures chould not be  counted into the words. If you use two sketches, and they account for  one page. The article should be 3 pages because sketch pictures occupy  one page.

the subject you choose should be in specific time period, such as Arts and Craft/Mission (1880 to1920)’s furniture.

You just need to help me find 2 2 hybrid digital/ manual sketches , and  each sketch must include notations with arrows describing the design. If  the picture you find does not have enough description, please add some  description, so I can follow what you did to do the sketch again.

sources are not required, if you use any sources, please follow MLA format.