writing 3 pages about architecture and building a horse track with the consideration of LEED and not to hurt our environment.

Attached is the instruction

attached also the all the point that i have to include them in my writing



Submit your Charrette’s written work plan.  This is to be a group assignment so only one grade per the group.  Each team member is to contribute by writing a section.  One group member is the facilitator and will be responsible for compiling each group’s plan.  This is intended to be a plan of approximately 15 pages in length, 3 pages per person.  One grade for everyone in the group.

State your priorities for the project and how you intend to meet them.

Develop initial sustainability concepts.

Develop graphics to illustrate your point.

Not looking for an economic analysis of ideas as of yet, but I am looking for imagination.

This is definitely Due by next class…..NO EXCEPTIONS…as it builds on the assignments for the rest of the term.  Do not delay the start of this.