Discussion question 1:DISCUSSION TOPIC/QUESTION:
Why is this method of acting still so important today? Why can’t I just memorize the lines and be done with it?  If I (as an actor) can conjure up emotions at will and give a good speech, shouldn’t that be enough?! Why do I need to study, research and learn about the characters that I am portraying? 

Can you think of any actor today (who you admire) who discussed what they went through in order to become a character they were hired to portray?  If so, provide an example in your discussion.  If not, perhaps you can research this topic (select an actor in a famous role), and/or discuss what you think it would take for an actor to make a character believable to an audience. 

Discussion question2: Discuss Dadaism as the expression of meaninglessness and absurdity shown in the art of Duchamp and others.