Assignment : Please choose one neighborhood of Tel Aviv-Jaffa or Gush Dan and try to reconstruct its history and current state – The one to I am choosing is listed above in the title ( Sheinkin street )

-8 pages, double spaced, 12 pt font 

-ALSO include a bibliography after. 

-You should have an average of 3 or more footnotes*/short notes/ endnotes per page. You can use any standard formatting style you like (MLA, Chicago etc.), just be consistent. If you use short notes (e.g. Kark 1990:12) you must add a full and formatted bibliography at the end.

-At least 5 different academic sources, including at least 2 used in this course. 

Readings from course:  ( Use at least two of these in the paper) 





Other sources may be found : Online (e.g. newspaper web archive in English for small payment; academic websites, official web pages of buildings or institutions etc.)

No plagiarism whatsoever. Make sure to site all academic* sources.