How do sanctions work? Why are they so effective in maintaining social order?
To address these questions, you will violate a social folkway. Select one of the options below.

You may not choose something that is not on this list.

1. Violate someone’s personal space. Sit or stand too close to someone you don’t know.
2. Commit a random act of kindness. For example – Buy a stranger a cup of coffee. Offer to help someone carry
    their groceries to the car. Trade places in line.
3. Stand backward in an elevator or in a line.
4. Give a compliment to everyone you encounter.

Choose ONE of the options. It helps if you have a partner to observe you, but you don’t have to. Be aware of your own reactions.

Compose an essay with your responses to the following items:
— Are you nervous before and/or after committing the violation? Why?
— How did your “target” react? What kind of sanctions did your receive (positive or negative)?
— Overall, discuss why sanctions are so powerful in maintaining social order.

Your essay should be 2-3 paragraphs and contain properly cited references.