Playlist Mixtape

Create a list of six to nine musical works.

Organize your selections under a theme such as “Music for Motivation” or “Cross-Country Playlist.” Be as creative as you like.

Include the following: Two to three works of popular music, such as rock, pop, country, dance, or hip-hop Two to three works of medieval or classical music; selections may include cantatas, oratorio, fugues, and so forth Two to three works from other musical forms such as opera, jazz, or folk music

Write a 350- to 700-word summary of your playlist which discusses how the formal and technical qualities of music affect you; in other words, how does music create a certain type of mood, and is it successful in prompting a response from you, emotional or otherwise? Use at least five to seven vocabulary terms from the text in your discussion, which may include but not limited to the following: Form Composition Call and response Fusion Looping Sound Pitch Scale Dynamics Timbre Rhythm Beat Meter Tempo Melody Harmony Motif Harmony Consonance Dissonance Tonality Texture

Submit your playlist with its organizing theme, as well as your summary, in one document using the Assignment Files tab. Follow APA guidelines.