Mussolini: The Political and Social Doctrine of Fascism
Student will research and analyze the topic above. The paper must be at least four typed
pages (Times New Roman Size 12 Font). The paper is expected to be well balanced, well organized,
and your own academic work. You should use only the primary sources above for most of your
paper. It is assumed that no work will be acceptable without some outside research and use of
academically appropriate sources. Your textbook will not provide enough information or insight.
Your sources should be academic sources, no encyclopedia entries. Following standard writing
practices are expected.
Paper requirements:
1. Student must use size 12 Font [ This font is Times New Roman Font 12]
2. Sources must be cited (either MLA or Chicago Style) This includes subsequent notes, endnotes, or
footnotes. The essay must also include a
Bibliography or Works Cited page. Primary Sources are very crucial to historical writing. It is
expected that primary