Microsoft Excel Keyboard shortcuts

Microsoft Excel Keyboard shortcuts

Microsoft excel might at times get complicated for users thus, microsoft excel has providedits users with shortcuts to help in making it easy to use microsoft excel. Students might seek excel homework help in solving some of the excel problems they encounter

Excel keyboard shortcuts make your workflow easy and convenient. Microsoft Excel has over one hundred shortcuts that provide an accessible experience while using the Microsoft Excel. Mac excel shortcuts have various categories such as Formatting, Navigation, Control, Function key, and rows and column shortcuts that help in solving excel problems. Under each group, a few examples will be mentioned.


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Excel keyboard shortcuts that help in formatting include;


ALT+E+S+T-Copy Format

SHIFT+CTRL+#-Sum Function

ALT+W+S-(Un) freeze windows

ALT+H+0-Increase Decimal

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Microsoft Excel shortcuts under navigation include;

Ctrl+ Page, Up/Down-Used to switch Worksheets.

SHIFT+ Arrows-Used to go to the end of a continuous page.

ESC-Used to cancel.

ALT+ Tab- Switch Programs.

SHIFT+ Enter- Move Up.

Columns and Rows.

Mac Excel shortcuts that are used for rows and columns include;

Ctrl+9-Hide Row.

Ctrl+0-Hide Column.

Ctrl + Spacebar-Highlight Column.

SHIFT + Spacebar-Highlight Row.

Ctrl+ Minus Sign-Delete Selected Cells.

Function Key

F2-Used to edit cells.

F4-Used to anchor cells.

F7-Used for spell checks for the formulae.

F12-Save As.

Ctrl +F3-Used to name a cell.


Ctrl + N- Used to create a new workbook.

Ctrl+ O- Used to open a saved workbook.

Ctrl+ S-Used to save a workbook.

Ctrl + F-Used to search for anything in a workbook.

Ctrl+ G-Used to jump a particular area with a single command