I need A two to three (2-3) page report must be submitted along with a map illustrating the findings and results of the analysis. The report should be written in paragraph form and contain an introduction to the question/scenario analyzed, an overview of the methods, and a summary of the results.


The final project will be graded using criteria described in the following rubric:


Project Purpose: The goal of the project or the analysis question is well defined and communicated clearly and concisely. The project incorporates a planning/design component and relates to the course content.



The description of methods provides sufficient detail that someone could replicate your basic process but not unnecessary details that detract from the communication of the workflow. The methods are sound given any limitations and sources of error, which should be explicitly stated. At least four spatial data layers or derivations of data are utilized.


Results / Discussion/ Conclusion:

The results are presented clearly and directly relate to the goal of the project and/or answer the analysis question. The results are accurate given the methods of the project.



The map communicates the results of the project. The map contains all elements the reader needs to understand the results (where the study occurred, at what scale, meaning of symbology, etc). The map has a professional appearance according to best cartographic practices learned in the GIS program.




Writing is clear, concise (2-3 pages), and well-organized. Writing utilizes correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation