The Scenario 

I am the Chief Information Security Officer of the organization for which you are working. You are one of my Cyber Security Managers. I need to know what companies are addressing some of the concerns we have regarding cyber security. I have tasked you with creating a presentation that can be given to other members of our global security team for review. 


I want you to choose a company that focuses on addressing one or more problems related to information security. Be careful to not plagiarize material. 

Your presentation/Paper must include the following topics  1. Company Introduction.
  2. What information security problem does the company address?
  3. What information security products does the company have to solve the problem?
  4. Why is the information security problem that the company is focusing on important?
  5. Who is the customer for this information security solution?
  6. What other problems in information security can this company address?
  7. What competition does the company have?
  8. How does the company make money?
  9. Conclusion. 

Each bullet point above should be at least be a 100 words paragraph 


Grading Criteria 

The presentation paper will be evaluated based on the (1) your ability to follow directions, (2) quality of the content, (3) ease of comprehension, and (4) professionalism of the presentation. It should form a complete package that is readily understandable by someone other than you.