There are products available that can help with this condition. Use products that strengthen the capillary walls and that assist in regulating the blood flow. Preventative measures can prevent the condition from worsening and spreading across the skin.The skin now becomes sensitive and is permanently damaged. It is aggravated even more if you are in the sun. Harsh skin care products, skin products containing ingredients like collagen and alcohol, consumption of alcohol, spicy foods, hot and very cold water splashed on the skin are all stimulating which can cause flushing inducing more redness. It is important to try and avoid these as much as you can,A sunscreen is very important to protect the skin. A tinted sunscreen that assists in reflecting the suns rays and water proof is best but a maximum protection sunscreen designed for the face should be worn at all times during the day. This will even assist in protecting the skin against air conditioning if working indoors.