In a 2- to 3-page Word document, write a report looking for similarities and differences between religious buildings: A Greek temple, a Roman temple, an Early Christian church, and a Byzantine church. Follow these instructions to complete the assignment:Download the Word document worksheet for completing this assignment here.Complete Part 1: From the list of examples provided in the worksheet, choose one example from each: A Greek temple, a Roman temple, an Early Christian church, and a Byzantine church.Look for information about the buildings in your textbook. Then, use the Internet to look for a picture of each building. Copy and paste the pictures found into the spaces provided. Indicate each building’s name and location, and be sure to cite the source of the images used.List the visual characteristics for each type of religious building that are similar and different.

Important note: Besides using the information gained from reading your textbook and the lectures, you will need to do research. Use the Internet to find additional material about the structures you have chosen, so that your comparisons and contrasts can be more complete. Be sure to list citations for any information you find and utilize.

Complete Part 2: Take the information you’ve gathered and provide detailed explanations of exactly what these similarities are as well as what differences you find. In looking at the locations for these structures, as well as their uses, explain what some religious, historical, and geographic reasons could be for their similarities. These should also be written in paragraph form