Changes in our life styles and a lack of Wildfit Quest Review  exercise are the reasons behind so many different medical conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure. Not only have we become less active because of technological advances, having a car, the latest domestic appliances and reductions in average working hours but also changes to our eating habits, dining out more often and take-aways have added to the health problems.

These two basic features of 21st Century life have combined to undermine claims that we are healthier and have a longer life expectation than ever before. Something I read recently captured my attention. It was the results of a survey that had been undertaken in Australia and involved citizens that were of Japanese ancestry. Its results found that although in Japan the statistic for heart disease is very low, their Australian relatives had similar high levels as Australian citizens of European origin within a time-frame of two/three generations. The only explanation being the new lifestyle being shared by all Australians.


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