Investigate about the following processes:

•Processes to investigate are Milling, Turning, routing, sanding, bending, and Drilling. 

 •For each process investigate: process description, process parameters, materials used in these processes, list of products made out of these processes.  

•Do not use Wikipedia. Use other sources of information. You must cite all your sources and add a list of references.  

•Do not copy and paste material (no plagiarism). 

•Use as at least 2 pages to describe each process without including figures/tables.

 •Use at least two different sources of information. Include a front page to write your name, the name of the class, and date of submission.  

•Document citations: Must be in APA format. •Document format requirements: 12pt Times New Roman, 1.15 Line spacing, 1”x 1” Margins.