There is a wealth of research to demonstrate that eating a healthy well balanced diet will impact on your health both today and in the future. This includes making sure that you have fruit and vegetables daily, use whole grains, enjoy an appropriate amount of dairy and concentrate on making sure that you have lean protein. Gone are the days, where it was OK to eat the fat on your meat and enjoy it. While it may have tasted good, it was certainly no good for your health. Try and reduce the amount of eating out that you do and try cooking more meals at home. That way you have full control over what is being added to your meals. It’s OK to treat yourself to a nice meal from time to time, but try and limit this to special occasions.

When I started my sensible eating program, I was absolutely amazed at the size of the meals that I should be eating compared with what I was actually eating. I can guarantee that most people do not have any idea of what the recommended serving sizes for most of the foods that we eat. As an example, the daily recommended amount of meat and beans for an adult female is just 5ozs. There are daily recommended limits for all the food groups and this is why most people need to be educated if they are to maintain their weight within appropriate levels.