Capstone Assignment for Monday, October 16, 2017 Draft of 3-5-page paper

Begin to write and collect research for a 3-5-page paper developing final project showing how it meets the 3 main criteria (2 kinds of research; interdisciplinary; larger political/social/industrial/ cultural frame). Bring the work you have done to class and refine it in class. According to the syllabus this essay is to be written in class.

Suggested outline:

Introduction: Describe your final project in detail. Why is it necessary? Give details.

 Give examples of two kinds of research—Qualitative and Quantitative

Describe how your project encompasses two disciplines  

Describe how your project fits broader political, industrial and social frames (how does it relate to any of these?). 

the beginning idea i write on the file so you can get some information from it, and i put the requirement on file. moreover, i do some research of my project which is intelligent nightstand so you can check it and get some information. 

My major is industrial design,so my final project is intelligent nightstands.