MINIMUM 900 WORDs-MAY BE TYPEWRITTEN Please follow all instructions carefully. the number of examples. You are bein asked for Be sure you read the INTENT of the essay. You must provide required yourgrade comparisons and opinions. The more (and the more you express your opinions) Movements in art and history: Describe the following architectural movements: City Beautiful, Prairie Art Nouveau, de Stijl, Deutsche Werkbund, Bauhaus, International Style, Art Deco, Mid-Century (Post-WWI) Modernism, Brutalism and Postmodernism (at least two or three sentences each]. Discuss the progression of one movement to the next in the context of world history, and cite the work of at least one architect for each movement. Which was your favorite movement? Lastly, write paragraph, relating to your major, about this class. Will it ever be helpful to you in the future? What was the most important thing you learned?