Week 15 – EOS Project

Worth: 30% Course Grade

Assignment – The student will continue based on their proposal that was due no later than Week 6.  The main content of the project should at least include the following: Introduction Discuss the background and motivation of your work. Summarize the research problem.  Summarize the proposed approach to the problem and the results Related Work Discuss research related to yours and make comparison if there are closely related work. Your Approach Describe your approach in detail. You may present your result in any way you want as long as you believe it’s convincing and clear. Validation of your approach. Prove or demonstrate the effectiveness and/or efficiency of your approach. You may do this through theorems, experiments, etc. Conclusions and possible future work. Summarize the conclusions of your work. Theories about trends (future work) is optional. References List all the citations referenced in your paper. You will lose points for each dangling reference (i.e., the reference not cited in the main text).

Write a research paper not to exceed 5000 words, double-spaced, excluding the title page and works cited section.  All references must be from authentic, established and reliable sources (sites like Wikipedia will not be accepted).  This assignment must contain a minimum of 8 resources.  Submitted documents must be in MS Word format (.doc or .docx).

Note: This assignment must adhere to the standards set forth in the APA guidelines.