ENGL 1301 Group Project Reflection Questions

For this assignment, you’ll consider your interactions in preparation for your presentations. Each response must be at least one substantial paragraph—a thorough, well-constructed and purposefully organized development of the idea in question—fully addressing the prompt in the question. The length of this component will necessarily be 2-3 full pages. Success on this assignment will depend on your full attention to these instructions and your thorough response to each question. Submit one final MLA formatted document, listing the question and then your response in sequence. 

Questions: Give specific examples and details in which you contributed to team meetings (online or face-to-face). What role did you play in team meetings or discussions (online or face-to-face)? What ideas or work did you contribute? Consider your verbal (vocal or written tone, etc.) and nonverbal communication (body language, facial expressions, etc.). Give specific examples and details of how you encouraged others to participate. In what ways did you encourage or support participation by all team members? Give specific examples and details of how you contributed to the work accomplished by the team. Explain the assignments and the completion of the team’s responsibilities. Was your contribution to completing the project thorough and on time? Give specific examples and details of how well you worked with and related to other team members. How did you help or motivate team members in a positive and respectful way? What constructive feedback did you provide to team members toward the completion of the project? Remember, a conflict is not necessarily an argument or fight; it may be a difference of opinion or a discussion with varying viewpoints that reaches a specific conclusion. Give specific examples and details of how you contributed to resolving conflicts within the team? How did the team discuss the issue or come to a conclusion? What was your role in that process?