We need to add the following things to the exisitng paper Each should be one paragraph each and a total of 5-6 pages more pages to each heading 

Heading 1: The introduction should include following subheads with One Paragraph each Background Problem Statement Purpose Statement Research Questions and Objective Hypothesis Definition of Terms Ethical Consideration Delimitation Limitation Significance of the Study

Heading 2: Literature Review should be organized into the following  One Paragraph each Factoring Affecting Studies Review of Methodology

Heading 3:Proposed Research Design and Methodology should contain the following and  Research Worldwide Research Design  Research Strategy Method of Data Collection Method of Data Analysis Population Sample

Heading 4:Proposed Schedule 

Attaching the Final Proposal.doc — it’s my paper

We also need to prepare the Presentation Slides for it similar to the deck provided

The total paper should be 10,000 -12000 words