Develop a Effective Organizational Communication training plan that includes a lesson plan in the form of an outline and a timeline. Explain the selected training methods for your training and development program, and assess the effectiveness of selected program measurements, evaluation, and technology used for the training.

Develop a lesson plan for your training and development program, including the following: 

o  Develop a timeline for the training and development program. SEE SAMPLE (attached) 

o  Identify each training activity and link the activity to the learning objectives used in the training and development program.

o  Explain the training methods chosen for each learning objective in the program.

o  Describe how practice and feedback are incorporated into the lesson plan to measure the transfer of learning.

In addition to the lesson plan, write a rationale, including the following: 

o  Analyze the pros and cons for trainers and trainees of each training method used in the program.

o  Articulate the effectiveness of each training method on a trainee’s motivation to learn.

o  Assess the costs and benefits of evaluating training and development programs.

o  Assess how a lesson plan that includes a distance learning module impacts a trainee’s learning experience.