Formal Analysis Guidelines

William Eggleston Photographer 

• Formal Analysis  paper due November 7, 2017

Your formal analysis should be 3 pages in length and address the following questions:

1. whom your photographer is? 

2. what type of work they do? (examples)

3. What are the main elements of design the photographer is using?

4. How to the elements used create movement for the eyes?

5. What emotive content does the design create? 

Your formal analysis should also identify the photograph discussed. Proper identification for full points:

1. Name of Photographer

2. Title of Photograph

3. Medium of Photograph

4. Date of Photograph

Example: Imogen Cunningham, Two Lillies, Silver Gelatin Print, 1920

**If you have trouble meeting the 3 pages mark with one photograph, you are allowed to pick up to 3 photographs from the photographer you choose. Each photograph must address the 3 questions and must be properly identified.

Formal analysis should be 3 pages in length, 12- point font, Times New Roman and double spaced. A work cited page of at least 3 sources is also required. MLA FORMAT

Grading Guidelines

A paper submitted after the deadline (November 28) will result in 10 point deduction per day it is late. 


Length 3 pages, worth 25 points

Work Cited Page, MLA format, 10 points

Photographic Image, 10 points

Identification of Images, 15 points

Analysis, 40 points,

Total:100 points