SohnCo Products has developed a new business strategy to address a growing need.  Corporations have sales meetings around the world.  To make travel more efficient, SohnCo can prepack a 21 inch rolling suitcase (available in a range of corporate colors) with corporate logo uniforms for men or women.  The suitcase contains three polo shirts and three pairs of khaki chinos.  Additionally, some corporate swag such as USB drives, name badges etc. is included.  SohnCo Products has facilities located in Asia, South America, Africa, and the USA.  Each facility stocks clothes and can package the suitcase.  A minimum order is 50 suitcases and the inventory of shirts and chinos is restocked for each order.

Design a process and workstation for packing the suitcases.  Assume one shop operator packages the suitcases and loads them onto a standard 48″ x 40″ pallet.   Another staff member moves and shrinkwraps each pallet for shipment and delivery.