A synthesis and critique needs to answer the following questions, but organized in a thematic manner. This should not be a review of the textbook and lecture. This should not be a book report. First, what are the major points of the readings? What are they trying to explain and what are the explanations? While it is tempting to create a ledger of all that was said, recall that you only have three to five pages. Instead present the answers to the questions in the critique. The critique should answer the following: What are the major problems of the readings? What can be done to improve the situations raised in the readings/media? We will discuss the essays’ content on the first day and all graded critique essays will have comments left by me discussion how I graded your submitted essay.

Remember, that just like any other essay, you will have to cite your sources and integrate them into the discussion that appears in your critique essay. You may choose to support your position with as many sources as you like.  However, there must be at least one scholarly (peer – reviewed) source.

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