Hello Dear,




This is my final term research paper in my Construction Saftey and Risk Managemnt class. It is a team project that we were assigned to write a 10 pages research paper as a team about a major construction project that we were asked to pick as a team. We picked the 2012 London Olympics project. As a team, we broke down the work to the three of us, and each of as agreed to take a section of the final term paper to write about, and I was assigned to write a 3-4 pages’ research paper on






The Project Specific Environmental Issues 




o For each provide a detailed description/analysis of the Top Five Environmental Risks


o Performance Objectives 


o Management Strategies 


o Responsibilities (Company and individual)


o Monitoring and Reporting-Monitoring and  Corrective Actions




I attach the description file of the term paper. It has all of the description and defiles of the final term paper. But it’s for the whole team I only have to write the specific environmental issues part.




I also want you to write a guideline page that I can use to make the PowerPoint slides and it makes it easy for me to present it. I’m an international student so please write a simple and clear written paper. It should not be complicated.




If you can make a 3 PowerPoint slides about what you gonna write about, so I can use it to present my part.