DH-001 diving hoods
14 Represent the type DH-001(diving hoods)
Type DH-001
Deep diving hat is our deep diving in the indispensable protection tool, in the deep sea we use sharp and sea creatures, play a protective role in the deep sea temperature is lower than the land temperature of about 10 degrees, also can play Good thermal effect Product Features:
1, we use the most flexibility of a class of synthetic rubber composite fabric, waterproof and warm effect super;
2, gloves in the palm of the hand with a wear-resistant non-slip material
3, the process using the European standard test Environmental protection super glue glue without pinhole process sewing play a very good waterproof
4, the elastic elastic band and double-sided adhesive Velcro, the best so that the head to promote and ensure that the body temperature is not lost, is a Is very suitable for a product in the deep sea operation
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