question need in 4 hours

A 4 MGD WWTP discharges a secondary treated effluent into a receiving stream. The wastewater has the following characteristics: BOD5= 20 mg/L DO = 2.0 mg/L Water Temperature = 24C The receiving upstream from the point of discharge has the following characteristics: Flowrate = 18 cfs BOD5= 4 mg/L DO= 6 mg/L Water Temperature = […]

types of Ultrasonic Sensing in cars

I need you to write about types of Ultrasonic Sensing in cars.  -give the lest of the type.  – how it works.  with 1000 words min..   

Excavation Term Project

You need to search web resources, operator¬ís manuals, or other commercially available data related to functionality, capacity, productivity, and other specifications of different types of construction equipment which you deem appropriate for the project described below. You will need to make reasonable assumptions for the project (e.g. with regards to soil and concrete properties such […]

Construction safety ( OSHA )

I am taking a construction safety class ( OSHA ) and I have uploaded a picture of the mid term and the rubric of the question. I need it in 10 hours 

Data sets simulation

  This exercise involves you working with a dataset of your choosing. Visit the ( website, browse through the options and find a dataset of interest,  then follow the simple instructions to download it. With acquisition  completed, work through the remaining key steps of examining,  transforming and exploring your data to develop a robust familiarisation […]

Designing team and team identity

Using the Internet, each member of your team should read at least 3 academically reviewedarticles on designing Team and team identity . Summarize the articles in 300 words or more. Provide appropriate reference. peered reviews articles referenxes 300 words no plagarism

Biomedical Engineering Technology

The paper must describe in detail one piece of equipment that you worked on or have encountered during your internship.  Specifically, describe the general function of the equipment, details on how the equipment works, what primary technologies it uses, problem(s) encountered with this piece of equipment or technology, equipment utilization in the clinical setting, possible […]