Environment as discipline

 Environment as discipline .  6-8 pages or 1800-2000 words a. Pick an everyday environment, building, or space in the SF/Bay Area that is emblematic orsymbolic of your design discipline. You are encouraged to think of unexpected or unusual spaces. Any public or private space inside or outside is Fine. For example: it can be public […]

Ketogenic Accelerator

I realize that goals are very important in whatever youKetogenic Accelerator Review do. I feel my goals are realistic and attainable. I am in no rush to lose body fat quickly just steadily. As long as I continue to lose weight I can spread my goals out over a certain period of time. It is […]

Small written assignment (Answering questions)- Museum paper

I am looking for someone who has knowledge of art, because I will need you to use and implement elements of art in order to answer the questions. You will need to look at the pictures/sculptures that I will post the document down below”Pictures with info” is the document and to choose 3 questions and […]

week 2 joutnal

Explore a museum from the list of  museum and digital image resources from Week One, see attachment.  Select a work of art that particularly interests you and add your interpretation and analysis to your art journal (the Prezi started in Week One). In your analysis, use the terminology you learned this week. Include your personal […]

malik tutor

  Which 3 major legal/social/political issues that have broad reach into virtually all communities in the US would you urge Asian Americans to understand, support, discuss, promote, and vote on? Explain clearly why and how AAPIA communities should engage these issues. Rank them in order of importance from your perspective. 120 words minimum for each issue, no maximum.


   Question 1  Leviticus describes the way of      Holiness.  True  False  1 points    Question 2  Eight of the Minor Prophets are      focused on the southern kingdom of Judah.  True  False  1 points    Question 3  From Jacob’s son ______________      would come the messianic line of Christ.     Levi    Simeon    Joseph    Judah  […]


I need someone that can create a logo and be creative for me.  I have attached below an image of what I’m going for but not exact setup.  “A Pinch Of Love” but the image should picture a hand as shown but the heart should overlap the hand not outline the imag. Can you help […]

Ancient Modern Eassay d

Analysis Assignment – Ancient/Modern Essay Writing this paper will give you an opportunity to study artworks outside of the textbook and to apply analysis. Step 1: Research works of art You are encouraged to visit a local exhibition to study artwork “in the flesh.” Choose an ancient work from before the Common Era and a […]

Read the article: Teachers as Architects of Transformation

Read the Article (Teachers as Architects of Transformation) • Read the article: Teachers as Architects of Transformation: The Change Process of an Elementary School Teacher in a Practitioner Research Group (Vetter, 2012). Remember that you are analyzing the piece so there may be both admirable and questionable qualities to this work. • In 2-3 pages, […]


Rodin’s Influence Please respond to the following discussion topic and submit it to the discussion forum. Your initial post should be 75-150 words in length. Then, make at least two thoughtful responses to your fellow students’ posts. Explain why Rodin had such an important influence on modern art.