Start reading and turn off the T.V. Find good books and immerse yourself in them. Buy Success videos to watch when you are working with the T.V. on or buy CDs or MP3s to use if you have the ability to use them instead of your T.V.

Get motivated. Listening to the right things and reading the right books will help you get and stay motivated. Get away from negative friends. If they do not believe in what you are doing then you don’t need to be around them. You know more people than you think and those people that may be on the fringe of your friend list may be the people that you need to be around.

Think about what you are saying to yourself. Really ask the better questions. Don’t ask, “Why do I always fail,” ask “How can I succeed at this” or, “What do I need to do to succeed.” You have everything in you to succeed at what you are meant to do. Don’t give up and you won’t fail.

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