our second reflection focuses on the human body as a theme, with Chapter 6 (Reproduction and Sexuality); Chapter 11 (Mind and Body); and Chapter 12 (Race, Gender, Class and Clan) to read, and Video #13 (The Body) and Video #9 (Portraits) from “Art Through Time, A Global View” to view. The role of the human body is so vast in art that no single chapter or video can adequately represent its value to the art making process. Read the chapters and view the videos thoughtfully, as, in the end, they become a mirror to ourselves as a species on this planet. 

This second theme of the body follows the first theme of the nature in that we, as a species, respond to the natural world around us in creating the things we need to survive, and thrive! 

Assignment Details: 

Read: Chapter 6: Reproduction and Sexuality; Chapter 11: Mind and Body; and Chapter 12: Race, Gender, Class and Clan

Watch: Video #13 (The Body) and Video: #9 (Portraits) from “Art Through Time, A Global View