Biostatistics Projects

50 Biostatistics Project Ideas and Topics

Biostatistics is an exciting course of study because it mainly involves people and some of the most critical aspects of their lives about health and wellness. You probably chose to pursue it as it will enable you to shape policy at the highest levels of government and touch people’s lives in the most personal ways. On the other hand, your project is one of the most critical aspects of your education in this area. You should submit a good one or you can enlist the assistance of a biostatistics homework help service.We have expert tutors to help you with your biostatistics help.

There are many project ideas you can research and develop at every level of study, whether you are an undergraduate or pursuing your Ph.D. We have a list of top biostatistics research topics to help you wow your teacher while sharpening your understanding of crucial biostatistics concepts.


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Time Series Analysis of Post-Surgery Patients’ Follow-Up Attendance in Hospital A

Failure of post-surgery patients to keep follow-up appointments increases the possibility of post-surgery complications. With this time series analysis, a student will record data in specific points overtime to find the possible causes of such cases in the hospital’s catchment area and recommend solutions.

Correlation Analysis on New Born Survival at Birth in Third World Countries a Case of Country/region Y

Neonatal deaths are still a considerable challenge in many third world countries. In this study, you will consider certain factors that affect the survival of a newborn baby. The factors include the mother’s age, baby’s birth weight, and professional prenatal care or lack thereof, etc. You can pick Tanzania, for instance, or any other third-world country or region.

A Regression Analysis on the Impact of Excessive Alcohol Consumption, Smoking, Weight, and Level of Exercise on Individual Medical Costs

Lifestyle choices affect health and the cost of maintaining it. A student who picks this topic will analyze data from insurance claim forms and hospital bills to see the relationship between excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, obesity, and exercise or lack of it on medical bills.

Statistical Analysis of Prevalence of Obesity on Children between Five and Ten Years

The ever-increasing consumption of processed sugars and more and more sedentary lifestyles has led to increased cases of obesity in developed countries and urban centers around the world. This study will show the percentage of 5-10-year-olds that are obese in your area of investigation.

A Regression Analysis on the Impact of Teenage Marijuana and Cocaine Use on Adult Mental Health

As marijuana gains acceptance globally, more research needs to be done on its effects on the teenage brain in the long run. This project will enable you to determine whether cannabis has irreversible adverse effects on teens who use it.

Life Expectancy and Health Risk Management

Effective management of health risks improves the quality of people’s lives and longevity. In this study, you will examine the correlation between the level of health risk management and life expectancy.  

Health Risks Caused by Combining Alcohol and Caffeine

In this study, you will research whether there are any health risks associated with using these two popular beverages and the nature and extent of the risks.

Using Regression Analysis and Classification of CDC Survey Statistics to Predict Cardiovascular Disease

Through this study, you will try to make a more accurate prediction of cardiovascular disease using relevant data from the CDC.

Statistical Inference Based functional Depths under Competing Risks

In this project, you will examine the relationship between competing risks in the healthcare environment.

Using Net Benefit to Model Non-Proportional Hazards

When the hazard ratio changes from time to time in terms of proportion, you need a predictive model of what to expect. The direction of non-proportional hazards don’t change, only the rations.

Machine Learning For Healthcare Outcomes Prediction

In this topic, you will explore machine learning and data mining to improve the accuracy of healthcare outcomes predictions.

Understanding Gene Regulatory Networks

This will be a study to understand how genes interact to control specific cell functions. It will increase your understanding of genetic diseases and the genes to target in gene therapy.

Tracking Air Pollution from Agricultural Processing Factories

Air pollution is one of the leading causes of respiratory diseases. This study would track its effects on the health of people who encounter pollution.

Structured Machine Learning on Medical Imaging Segmentation

Machine learning can significantly increase doctors’ view of pixels to catch lesions or any other abnormalities on MRI or CT images.

Identifying the Prostate Cancer Patients at High Risk of Getting Sub-Optimal Bladder Filling during Radiotherapy

One of the possible side effects of radiotherapy in prostate cancer patients is sub-optimal bladder filling. In this study, you will figure out which patients are more likely to develop the condition.

Statistical Methods for Population Sciences Research

Biostatistics is all about people, and understanding the population is critical for understanding their health needs. Population science research is, therefore, essential.

Survival Analysis

Find the expected life expectancy of a specific segment of the population.

Incomplete Data Methods

This project will examine the methods one can use to handle datasets with missing data to get as much out of them as possible.

Predictive Modelling and Biomarkers Evaluation

If you want to understand people’s biomarkers beforehand, you will need to develop a predictive modeling framework. This project will allow you to do this practically.

Gene-Environment Interaction Study

In this project, you will study how exposure to a specific environment increases a person’s risk with a particular genotype contracting a disease.

Elective Preterm Delivery and its Effect on Outcomes in a Multi-Ethnic Research Sample

Preterm births may have different health effects on babies of different ethnicities. In this project, you will find the effects and their distribution across races.

Effects of Family Cancer History on the Development of Dementia among Senior Citizens

Is there a relationship between a family history of cancer and the possibility of getting dementia? You will find out in this project and show your supervisors that you are capable of impactful research.

Ethnic Differences in Outcomes of Cesarean Deliveries

There is anecdotal evidence that women from different ethnicities react differently to cesarean section deliveries. This project will find out if this anecdotal evidence is factual and how the effects differ between ethnicities.  

Association between Preterm Birth and Head Circumferences in Different Ethnicities

Find if a baby being preterm affects the circumference of the head and how his head size might predict the child’s mental development.

Inference on Quantile Residual Life Function for Length-Biased Sample

Getting data from initial to a terminal event has been going on for a while. In this project, you will go further and come up with ways to estimate residual lifetime distribution.

Estimation of Treatment Effects and Therapeutic Optimization Using Observational Data

In this project, you will study and calculate the effects of treatment and therapeutic optimization inpatient samples, preferably in the same locality. 

Does the Mortality Rate Decrease with the Use of Antiretroviral Drugs in HIV patients?

Investigate whether the use of antiretroviral drugs reduces the possibility of mortality and the extent to which they may prolong a patient’s life.

Semiparametric Regression Under Left – Truncated and Interval-Censored Competing Risks Data and Missing Cause of Failure

In this project, you will develop prognostic models to help healthcare professionals make decisions.

Parametric Analysis of Semi-Competing Risks Data

The project will help you learn more about the quality of service in government healthcare insurance such as Medicare and Medicaid for high-risk patients such as seniors.   

Statistical Methods of Handling With Outcome Misclassification in Studies with Competing Risks Survival Outcome

Sometimes, when studying competing risk outcomes, the events responsible for the risk may be misidentified, significantly altering study outcomes. This project will come up with ways to handle such a scenario.

Subgroup Identification in Clinical Trials

Identify the subgroups of participants in clinical trials accurately to get a clear picture of the outcomes.  

An OLS – Based Method for Causal Inference in Observational Studies

Investigate the use of Ordinary Least Squares (OLS) in the causal inference of treatment outcomes instead of observational data, which is often susceptible to the influence of confounding.  

Impact of the Welfare State on the Use of Medical Services

Study whether welfare services in a country have a positive or negative outcome in healthcare and to what extent.

The Impact of ADHD on Diabetes

Find out whether having ADHD predisposes a person to type 1 diabetes. If it does, what relationship is there between the two conditions?

An Assessment of the Relationship between the Use of Daily Products and Obesity

Research if there is a relationship between the use of dairy products and increased cases of obesity. Is there something you combine the dairy products with and increase the possibility of being obese?

Knowledge-Based and Ontology-Driven Bioinformatics Management System for Workflow

Examine the use of KDSS and Artificial intelligence to manage workflow in health care systems using a case study.

PPDM (Privacy-Preserving Data Mining) for Bioinformatics Datasets

Patient privacy is sacrosanct in healthcare. This study will help you establish how best to preserve privacy when mining data.  

Next-Gen Sequence Analysis for RNA – SEQ and Exome Sequence

Research more on the use of next-generation sequence analysis on genome annotation. These new analysis methods enable researchers to identify SAAVs and splice proteoforms at the peptide level.

Pathway Analysis

To produce high throughput data, use pathway analysis in a specific case study such as a hospital or a particular population segment. Your findings can be used to improve outcomes.   

Network Analysis

In this project, you will seek to understand the relationships between different actors and societal structures on healthcare.

Bioinformatics and High Dimensional Data

High dimensional data provides highly actionable information in healthcare. In this project, you will gather actionable information and find ways of analyzing and visualizing it.

Analysis and Design of Clinical Trials and Translational Research Studies

The application of information obtained from preclinical and clinical research is critical for healthcare. Analyze and design a clinical trial and translate the findings into actionable data.

Data Mining Method to Handle High-Throughput Omics Data

Omics data such as genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, and transcriptomics has many applications in healthcare. Study and report on the best way to use data mining to handle high throughput data in these areas.

Cross-Experimental Processing and Mining on Gene Expression Microarray Data

Study how one can mine gene expression microarray data effectively across in cross-experimental processing.

Sex Ratio – A multivariable Analysis on Gestation and Neonatal Death

In this project, you will study the different outcomes in sexes on neonatal deaths depending on the babies’ gestation periods.

A Statistical Pattern Recognition Problem: The classification of Serum Alpha1-Antitrypsin

Study the pattern necessary for the category of these enzymes that cause lung damage. The extent to which they are available in the body will help determine the possibility of the patient suffering severe lung damage.

Tumor Growth Model in Sarcoma Patients with Applications to Treatment Policy and Protocol Choice

Using statistics and bioinformatics, you can calculate the growth rate of tumors and thus help doctors understand the prognosis and determine the course of treatment.

Software Engineering in Health Research with Emphasis on Artificial Intelligence

Data mining and artificial intelligence need to be empowered through software development. Study how one can best do this in the context of health research.

Quantitative Diagnostic Technology Assessment

Methods and Applications: Quantitative diagnostics is particularly prevalent in biopsies conducted under calcified bones in suspected cancer cases. This study examines the methods used in diagnostics and their specific applications.

Mother to Child HIV Transmission: A Case Study of Country X

Mother to child HIV transmission is not as prevalent as it used to be, but it hasn’t been eliminated. Study the extent and causes in a specific country.

There are many other possible research topics at any level of education. We would be happy to help you navigate the entire project process, from picking your subject through preparing it and even how you need to format it for presentation. We also have some Biostatistics Practice Problems to help with exam preparation and revision.

The vast array of biostatistics project ideas and themes reveals opportunities for ground-breaking study and learning. Think about enhancing your academic activities with the use of competent writing tools as you read our in-depth essay, which includes 50 fascinating topics. These tools are crucial allies in your academic path, helping you to create persuasive presentations, polish essays, or express ideas clearly.