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My unknown bacteria is Staphylococcus Aureus because 

Its Gram positive rod in clusters 

Facultative anaerobic 

Catalase Positive 

Do more research about it IMPORTANT 


1. Colony morphology on TSA plate

White, circle,lobate

2. Broth turbidity result is slightly turbid.

3. Slant growth result is Echinulate, color creamy.

4. Simple stain result is 

5. Gram stain result is positive  purple, cocci in clusters.

6. Endospore test result is negative.

7. Media Results

-EMB No growth

-PEA good growth 

-MSA No growth color yellow

-BA slightly growth white color ( alpha hemolytic)

8. Physical requirements for growth 

– BHI agar result Facultative Anaerobe 

– Aerobic/ Anaerobic plate result is growth in both plates.

– Temperature TSB tube result 

– 0C no growth 

– 25C/ room temperature Good growth 

– 37C  Good growth 

– 55 C slightly growth 

9. Exoenzyme test

CATALASE – positive

Gelatinase- no  growth not liquefaction 

Glucose- acid test positive yellow media

Glucose-gas test durham bubble no growth 

Lactose acid- positive yellow media

Lactose gas- durham no growth 

Fructose acid positive yellow media 

Fructose gas no bubbles 


TSA WITH 0% Nacl- good growth 

TSA + 6.5% Nacl- slightly growth with sediment 

TSA+ 10% Nacl- slightly growth with sediment