During the middle ages, the bubonic plague (black death) swept through Europe killing a good portion of the population. The medical science of the time was not able to cope with the disease. Do you think such a pandemic could happen again? Give at least three reasons why you think such an event could or couldn’t happen.


Given what you now know about the adaptation of plants and animals to their environment and looking at a World in which global warming and climate change are realities, give at least three examples of how we might see a change in the distribution of plants and animals under new climate regimes. What effect might this new arrangement have on the human population?


Genetic engineering may make it possible for us to create clones of ourselves to use as “organ banks” if we should need a new heart or other worn out or diseased systems. What do you think the ethical implications of such a process would be? Would you have such a “being” created for yourself?



Describe the process of cell division (animal cell) from a single cell, to the creation of a duplicate cell. Use the mitosis model for your answer. Be sure to include as many details as you can remember. The more information you provide, the better your grade will be.Be sure to mention the names of the different phases and what happens in each one.