SPSS for data analysis


What are the advantages of using spss in data?

Spss is considered one of the best tools you can use due to the following benefits;

  • It is effective in data management; when it comes to spss data analysis, it is very easy and quick as the program knows where the variable is, reducing the amount of manual work.
  • SPSS offers options such as graphs and charts for you to use in spss data analysis.
  • The interpretation of the results from the spss data analysis is quite easy.
  • It is user-friendly- beginners can easily use it since it is not complicated to use. Other than that, it has the potential to hold large data. Spss will work out everything you need; that is why it is recommended for beginners who have no experience in using any statistical software package.
  • Researchers mostly use data collection-spss as a tool for collecting data. If you have been using other spreadsheets software to fill in data, you will find that spss is similar to most of them. Spss stands out in that it has more organized data. The variables are assigned properties to make the data more organized.
  • Data output –After you collect your data and have filled it in the spss, you can then create an output of the data using the software. You need to insert the graph or table you have used in your research, and finally, you export your items to the output file.

How to use SPSS for data analysis

The following are the steps you need to follow when using SPSS for data analysis;

  • After collecting all the data, you require, load it in the excel file.
  • Import the raw data into SPSS through excel. The SPSS will then start analyzing.
  • Depending on what needs to be analyzed, give SPSS specific commands. This is quite a simple task to conduct as SPSS is user friendly. You are assured of accurate results since each tool is programmed to be used in conducting the spss data analysis.
  • Retrieve the results from the SPSS software, which are most accurate in guiding researchers.
  • Analyze the results you have in the form of graphs and charts. You can contact an SPSS data analysis expert if need be.
  • Make conclusions based on what you have. The software gives you a hand in coming up with conclusions and predicting the future.

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