Due: October? ?14,? ?2017? ?by? ?5? ?pm 

Answer? ?all? ?the? ?questions? ?below? ?in? ?roughly? ?300? ?words? ?per? ?question. 

Questions 1. What is the role of architectural history in Venturi’s Complexity and Contradiction? What does it mean to develop a “historical sense” according to Venturi’s reading of T.S. Eliot? 

2. In your own words, what is architectural theory? How does it play a role in the work of the architect? What is the main difference between history and theory?

 3. In Colin Rowe’s essay, “The Mathematics of the Ideal Villa,” how does he argue for the comparison between Palladio and Le Corbusier? What is to be gained by this comparison? What is his critique of modernism at this time? What does the title of the essay mean, in your opinion? 

4. According to Alberti, “he city is like a large house, and the house in turn is like a small city.” What does this mean for Aldo Rossi and his book Architecture of the City? 

5. We have been studying architects who write books and essays. Can theory exist in other forms as well?