Python projects

7 Python Project Ideas for College Students

Data science is an impressive career option for many students who would love to work on projects with python. Data science is a promising choice for upcoming developers. That is because the market is growing at a high rate and the demand for more data scientists keep increasing.

Analysts have even reported that the demand will rise more in the coming years, which is excellent news for practicing data scientists. As a data scientist, you will have to develop an online python project or python statistics project to prove your expertise and capability. To become a reputable data scientist, you have to practice your skills by working on several python projects. This guide covers some of the top python homework help projects that students can horn their skills with.


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Working on these Data Science projects will enhance your technical skills, knowledge, and overall confidence.

  1. Impacts of Climate Change on Global Food Supply

Today the world faces frequent climate change almost every season. There are many irregularities in climate in the world we live in today. These irregularities affect human lives on the planet. This python project will look at how climate change impacts global food production and also quantify the impact of the change.

The core aim of this project is to get the potentialities of crop productions as a result of climate change. This data science project will assess the implications resulting from precipitation and temperature change. From there, you will also determine the amount of carbon dioxide affecting the growth of plants. You will also be aware of the uncertainties in climatic conditioning. This python project primarily focuses on Data visualizations. The project will also assist the student in comparing production in different areas at different times.

  1. Human Action Recognition

This Data science project focuses on the human action recognition model. The project aims at assessing the short videos for humans as they perform specific actions. The python project is classified based on performed actions by these videos. For this data science with python project, you will need a robust neural network.

The neural network will work on a dataset that bears these short videos. This dataset will contain accelerator data with its conversion done alongside ‘time-sliced’ representation. From there on, you use Keras library to do the training, validation, and testing. All this is done on the network found in these datasets.

  1. Road Lane Line Detection

These lane-line detection systems are another brilliant project idea. Via this python project, the human driver receives lane detection guidance with the help of the lines marked on the tarmac road. The project will also help the driver know the direction to head on when going to a given location.

This online python project is ideal for the creation of driverless cars. With such a project, developers can create an application that easily identifies a track line using continuous video frames or input images.

  1. Fake News Detection

Fake news can also be yellow journalism, which could be hoaxes or false information spread via online or social media for political reasons. This python project idea aims to create a model that will detect whether the news is fake or real with high accuracy. The project will incorporate a PassiveAggressiveClassifier and a TfidfVectorizer to classify “Fake” and “Real”. Execute all the processes in Jupyter Lab and use the dataset shape 7796 x 4.

  1. Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis involves analyzing words to assess whether they are negative or positive in polarity. In such a classification, the classes may be multiple: angry, disgusted, sad, happy, or binary, such as negative and positive. With this python project idea, use the dataset in the ‘janeaustenR’ package and language R. You can also apply general-purpose lexicons such as bing, AFINN, and Loughran and create a word cloud to show the results.

  1. Age and Gender Detection Project Idea

One of the most impressive python project ideas is age and gender detection. It is a real-time project that will easily catch your recruiter’s attention. The project is a machine learning python project that is based on computer visioning. Through this project, students can learn the convolutional neural networks and can use various models trained by ‘Gil Levi’ and ‘Tal Hassner’ for the ‘Adience’ dataset.

With this project you will also use files like .prototxt, .pb, .caffemodel, .pbtxt files. This python project will allow you to create an application that is able to detect the gender and age of a human being via single face detection analyses. At times, single source recognition may fail to work due to brighter dim lighting or makeup. That is why in this project, you will apply the classification model rather than the regression model.

  1. Speech Emotion Recognition

This python project will use librosa for Speech Emotion Recognition. This is the process by which you recognize human emotion from speech. Humans use pitch and tone variations when speaking, which means SER is possible. However, it may be challenging because annotating audio is challenging, and emotions could be subjective. In this python project, you can use mel, chroma, and mfcc features and the RAVDESS dataset.