Industrial Ergonomics unit 8

  Unit VIII Case Study           Select one of the three NIOSH Health Hazard Evaluation Reports listed below, and perform a critical analysis of the report.       Option 1. Health Hazard Evaluation Report, HETA 2010-0114-3168. (2012). Ergonomic Evaluation of Surfacing and Finishing Tasks during Eyeglass Manufacturing – Minnesota.   […]

Employee Development

“Employee Development” Please respond to the following: Propose three ways that a mentor and a new employee orientation can assist employees with their career development.    Evaluate the following criteria, in order of importance to you, in regard to the workplace: material wealth, success, career satisfaction, and work-life. Determine whether or not you believe there […]

Volunteer in (or research) a local environmental campaign

Volunteer in (or research) a local environmental campaign for a day and write about the problems the campaign faces in terms of the themes of the chapter, such as knowledge cultivation, the dialogue of solidarities, and double politics, and submit a paper. The paper must be double-spaced, a minimum of two-pages in length, and follow […]

help with water treatment essay

Locate an article on water treatment (Not Wastewater) and write a 1 page summary ( 12-point font, double spaced). the article can be from a newspaper, magazines, or professional paper (i.e. Union-Tribune, Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine, or Conference paper).  1) Your topic could be a treatment process, a specific water treatment plant, a water […]


  What are “must-have” benefits (excluding those legally required) From employee perspective, why? From leadership/ organization perspective, why? How do these align? How do they differ? What are biggest implications to create alignment?

Staffing Needs

  Determine: Staffing Needs Estimated time to complete: 4 hours Health care managers are responsible for identifying staffing needs, including reductions and additions to their teams. There are two parts to this assignment: Scenario 1 will challenge you to determine if a new hire is a viable option.   Scenario 2 will give you the opportunity to “sell” […]