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Project Description: In the following project, you will edit a worksheet that summarizes the inventory of bulbs and trees at the Pasadena facility.   Instructions: For the purpose of grading the project you are required to perform the following tasks:   Step Instructions Points Possible 1 Start Excel. Download and open the file named go_e02_grader_h3.xls. […]

CIS 339 ilab 3 of 7 Week 3 lab: Structural Modeling-Class Diagram and CRCs

Title: CIS 339 ilab 3 of 7 Week 1 lab: Structural Modeling-Class Diagram and CRCs   Type: Instant Download   Format: Zip file (Contains all documents needed for this assignment)   Version: Current 2013-14 (Click on tutorial image to view snapshot)   Frequently Asked Questions             What is included in the full course package? The entire course study guide includes the […]

Assignment 2: Menu Selection

Assignment 2: Menu Selection Due Week 6 and worth 80 points Despite being a fairly old technology, menu-driven interfaces are very common in user interface design. Menu-driven interfaces consist of a series of screens which are navigated by choosing options from lists.     Write a four to five (4-5) page paper in which you:  Evaluate […]

Java Graded Projects and one program

1.Solve graded projects of pages 133-139, 165-168 and 195-200 of file 402943.pdf 2.Graded project of other file final graded project.pdf 3.This program:(you can take help for it at  http://stackoverflow.com/questions/18216716/java-abstract-classes-and-inheritance) Write an application named UseLoan that uses an abstract class named PersonalLoan and subclasses to display two different types of loans -home and car- and the […]


Question 1 of 20 Which of the following is a colonial form of green algae? Giardia Thiobacillus Volvox Paramecium Question 2 of 20 Land was first colonized about ______ years ago. 100 million 500 million 570 million 1.7 billion Question 3 of 20 In angiosperms, the male gametophyte develops within ______. male cones mycelia filaments […]

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Read the article titled “IT Project Failure Rates: Facts and Reasons”, located here. Next, propose three (3) critical areas or phases that the IT project manager must pay attention to in order to have a successful project completion. Support your response. Per the textbook, the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is a development methodology that organizations use […]

Chapter 8 summary essay

 Assignment Instructions: · no less than 1000 words and make use of at least three references other than your text · Do NOT resort to polemics or personal attacks and avoid the rote repetition of platitudes or dogma · State your hypothesis and then attempt to prove it with facts not wants or feelings. Questions […]

web design

V  Web standards comprise many dependent specifications and standards that manage features of the World Wide Web and the Internet. Such standards affect the development and administration of web sites and web pages. Considerations include the usability, accessibility and interoperability of web pages and web services. Discuss the web interoperability including its advantages.