AutoCAD Drawing HELP

  I have a floor plan that need to be completed but i didn’t know how .. i have the structure with me. Also while drawing i need 3 blocks to be created in the same drawing. i hope that explain everything, yeah and more thing i will give you my draw to completed i have […]

Digital Forensics

1) testing and validating forensic reports (write Abstract) 2) Admissibility of evidence-plain view doctrine (write Abstract) 3)  Review the material on routers.       It is sometimes said that information extracted from a router or switch does not necessarily provide specific evidence of a particular crime. What is meant by that?  If true, what then is the most useful […]

Computer Assignment!

  Hi   I need help with my computer assignments. I need ( access capstone2, a02c1donors, a02c1plants ) by tomorrow 10pm. The others I need them by tuesday 10pm. I need someone who’s profesional with those kind of assignments. If you see you can follow the details 100%, please contact me.   Thanks.

The haplogroup L1C2

This essay must contain those requirements: ( 1 page) 1) The naming of haplogroup( L1C2) 2) The map explaining the frequency of this group among modern human populations don’t just put the map but by explanation. 3) Proposed timing of origin and proposed geographic region of origin. 4) one or more interesting facts about haplogroup […]

2 pages……..$5

  Search the Internet for IT governance planning. Select a specific governance plan that exists at a company or a plan framework from an organization. Write a 2-page paper on three or four of the most important suggestions from the plan you select. You must provide a reference to the site where you found the governance […]

Wireless Networking

Both the report and presentation should contain detailed information on: 1. Background of the organization 2. Network design and floor plan 3. DS, AP, BSS, and ESS information 4. Used devices, range, frequency, IEEE substandard 5. Cost analysis Each topic should contain Images. No Plagiarism This is a group work and students are evaluated based […]


LACTASE -LACTOSE ARTICLE  What is the percent lactose content in humans? How about in Pinnipedia (sea lions, walruses etc.)?   Which tissue in humans is lactase found? What is the function of the enzyme?   All people are born with lactose tolerance but some lose the ability as adults, so what is intolerance? What are the symptoms? […]

MS access homework

couple things before you accept the hw : first you have to have a ms access and its due in 3 hours.    Homework is about  hands-on tutorial on how to prepare queries to retrieve the information you need  from a database. You will be using only one Structured Query Language (SQL) command: SELECT.