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 Question: The power of social media and the information gleaned from Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) is prodigious.

Question: The power of social media and the information gleaned from Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) is prodigious. The use of social media can also change the course of human events. Can you think of other examples—other than the Arab Spring as discussed in the readings—that might benefit from Social Network intelligence employing cyber intelligence techniques?

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Info Tech in Global Economy

Q1: In the chapter 2, both the authors, (Ahrweiler, P., and Gilbert, N.) suggested that there was a need for quality simulation modeling education.  In addition, the authors identified two types of public servants that need this education.  Name the two types of public servants, and briefly explain why it’s important for these two types of servants to receive this education?

a. identify and name the two types of public servants,  

b. provide a brief narrative for each to support your answer

Q2: Chapter 3 deals with the assessment of the quality of the simulation.  The first section of the chapter pointed out the problems of the standard view and the constructivist view in evaluating social simulations. Simulation is good when we get from it what we originally would have liked to get from the target; in this, the evaluation of the simulation is guided by the expectations, anticipations, and experience of the community that uses it. This makes the user community view the most promising mechanism to assess the quality of a policy-modeling exercise. The second section looks at a concrete policy-modeling example to test this idea. 

Based on the author’s assessment on the quality of social simulation modeling, 

a. why did they think that the user community needed to be enabled to understand the model?  

b. identify and name the reason why the user community needed to be enabled to understand the model,  


Object-Oriented and Concurrent Programming

Homework 2 CMSC 335 Answer all of the following questions in a Word (or PDF) document and submit the document to your assignments folder. Be sure to complete all the readings and videos for the week before attempting this homework. Be sure that your answers a clear by using line numbers and detailed class/field/variables names. 1. (10 pts) What are the diagrams defined in the UML Standard. Give a one or two sentence description of each one. 2. (10 pts) Given the following code, how should the toString methods in the classes H2ClassA and H2ClassB be written to give the indicated output and take advantage of the natural toString method in H2ClassB? 1 import java.util.ArrayList; 2 3 public class H2ClassA { 4 ArrayList  list = new ArrayList (); 5 6 public static void main (String args []) { 7 H2ClassA y = new H2ClassA (); 8 int [] v = {4, 3, 7, 5, 99, 3}; 9 for (int m: v) 10 y.list.add (new H2ClassB (m)); 11 System.out.println (y); 12 } //end main 13 14 } //end class H2ClassA 15 16 class H2ClassB { 17 int x; 18 H2ClassB (int a) { x = a;} 19 } //end H2ClassB OUTPUT: 4 3 7 5 99 3 3. (10 pts) How can the following code be corrected? Give at least two good answers. 1 public class H2ClassC { 2 H2ClassC (int a) {} 3 } //end class H2ClassC 4 5 class H2ClassD extends H2ClassC{ 6 } //end class H2ClassD 4. (10 pts) Why does the following code give a compiler error? How should it be fixed? 1 public class H2ClassE { 2 int x, y, z; 3 4 H2ClassE (int a) { 5 x = a; 6 this (5, 12); 7 } 8 9 H2ClassE (int b, int c) { 10 y = b; 11 z = c; 12 } 13 } //end class H2ClassE 5. (10 pts) What is wrong with the following declaration? How should it be fixed? public static final int myNumber = 17.36; 6. (10 pts) What is wrong with the following code? How should it be fixed? 1 public class H2ClassG { 2 final int x; 3 4 H2ClassG () {} 5 H2ClassG (int a) {x = a;} 6 } //end class H2ClassG 7. (10 pts) What is wrong with the following code? How should it be fixed? 1 public class…


Enterprise risk management

Pick from the following list of Enterprise Risk Management topics for your research paper: Accounting for natural disasters: a study of BP Occupational safety and health: dealing with work hazards Financial risk management: finding ways to protect assets ISO 31000: working to reduce risk Risk pool: determining the best ways to group individuals Operational risk management: best methods and practices for warehousing industry Hazard Prevention: training and incentives that work Association of Management Consulting Firms: effectiveness Risk management tools for food industry Security risk: ways to prevent disaster

From the topics, narrow your topic down a little and then write how you would utilize Enterprise Risk Management for these topics.  You an narrow the topics down to a specific company but want the overall theme to align with the list.  Your research paper should be 6-10 pages and follow the following structure: Introduction – brief background of company and any issues the company has had in the past such as data breaches A narrative on the organization that you have chosen (to include strategy, core business activities, recent financial performance and corporate view of risk management) An analysis of the key political, economic, social, technical, legislative and environmental risks that the organization is currently facing Explore Traditional risk management methods.  Explain and define them. Explore Enterprise Risk Management methods. Explain and define them. What are the benefits and limitations in using ERM? What are the key roles and responsibilities for ERM? What are the key items the company needs to address and what are the risks associated with it? Provide recommendations for the company to improve their ERM. Conclusion References – APA format


Answer Biostats: Create a Research Question (ANCOVA in SPSS


Assignment 1: ANCOVA in SPSS

DUE 7/21/19 8 P.M EST




Earlier this week, you practiced using ANCOVA models with SPSS and, ideally, used the Collaboration Lab to ask, answer, and otherwise address any questions you had. In this Assignment, you apply what you learned to answer a social research question using ANCOVA. Hopefully you are not yet tired of comparing means!

To prepare

· Review the datasets provided.

· Construct a research question based on one of those datasets.

· Pay attention to the assumptions of this test, and ask, “Does it make sense to interpret the mean of this dependent variable?”

The Assignment

Use SPSS to answer the research question you constructed. Then, compose a 1- to 2-paragraph analysis in APA format in which you answer the following questions:

1. What is the null hypothesis for your question?

2. What research design(s) would align with this question?

3. What dependent variable was used and how is it measured?

4. What independent variable is used and how is it measured?

5. What is your covariate?

6. What is the answer to your research question?

7. What are the possible implications of social change?


Be sure to include your data output with your analysis. See pages 713 and 714 in your Warner textbook for an excellent APA-compliant write-up of an ANCOVA.

To help address the null and alternative hypothesis for this week I have provided an example below. Just like the ANOVA, the ANCOVA also requires 3 null’s and 3 alternative hypotheses. Here is an example:

IV – the study site (categorical)

Covariate –  plant size 

DV – mean ovule number per flower  (continuous)

Architecture and design

structure of intrest !

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Architecture and design

Envision the Sustainable City

The environment that you grew up in and the experiences in your life up tp this point have shaped and molded your view of sustainability as it relates to cities and the built environment. Use this assignment to explore how you view and perceive neighborhoods, cities, and regions. As you ponder and answer the questions below, ask yourself what role do your values play in perceiving sustainability, and what factors, if any, motivate you to develop or continue a green lifestyle?

Part 1: Briefly describe one of the places where you grew up.

Answering the questions below, write at least 250 words about the place where you grew up. Where did you grow up and what was it like? What elements in the human or natural environment were important to your daily life? With whom did you interact on a daily basis? Where did you go and how did you get around? What, if anything, about your life was sustainable?

Part 2: Describe your vision of a sustainable city or neighborhood.

Write at least 250 words describing the sustainable neighborhood or city that you would like to see in the future. Imagine the ideal community – a place you would especially like to live in, and that is sustainable (in whatever way you want to define the term). How is this place laid out in terms of streets, buildings, public spaces, parks, homes, workplaces, and shopping areas? How do people get around? What types of people live there and how do they interact? How does the built environment relate to the natural landscape? What makes this place sustainable, and do you think it is possible to achieve?

Part 3: Sustainability Theory (500 – 700 words) How does your unique past affect your vision of the future and the way you choose to live your life today? How do human values come into play when people think about sustainability?


CMGT 555 WK 3 DQ 1

When developing system requirements, it is very important that they be written in a way that will allow for specific design and development steps. Poorly written requirements may lead to ambiguity, resulting in missing a stakeholder’s expectations.

Develop one complete system requirement for one of the following activities: Option A: Making a withdrawal at an ATM. Option B: Using your charge card for a meal at a restaurant. Option C: Buying a stock using an online brokerage account. Option D: Searching for books (on a specific topic) using an online bookstore.

In your response, consider attributes that comprise a solid system requirement, as well as the result of requirements that do not meet quality attributes.

Respond to at least three of your peers. In your response, consider adding another attribute that makes it a solid system requirement, or suggest another way to write the system requirement.


Option C: Buying a stock using an online brokerage account.

The developing system requirements might be for this activities: Encrypted website for end user to login into their brokerage account Optional second level verification i.e. security question Display a dashboard of current brokerage summary Display an index of current stock option with link to explore more detail Display subtab to show more detail i.e. Summary Tab, Asset Tab, Transaction Tab, Loss/Gain Tab Search box with autofill drop down list of different Stock option Optional custom watchlist, let user keep an eye on research stocks  Text box to input number of stock willing to purchase Text box to input cost amount willing to purchase Display option on email receipt of stock purchase Display research tool for additional help to user Provide link to current wall street journal for further research

These are the requirement that came to mind for this option. There might be more requirement from the back end as far as exchange server with the trade floor. 


Option B: Using your charge card for a meal at a restaurant. User must have the option to see his/her transaction detail on a monitor User must have the option on the pin pad either credit or debit option User should have the option to provide a percentage of his/her purchase as tip Once the transaction has been approved the user should have the option to choose electronic receipt or printed receipt.


System Requirement for making a withdrawal at ATM

Insert card with encrypted chip for verification

Once card is verified from bank- requested PIN # option comes up

Person enters pin number (if unsuccessful re-enter up to 3x) if not successful card is put on security hold until user can verify security information at bank

Pin entered correctly- person can withdrawal money or check balances

Option for printed receipt

Transaction complete


@_ISSC_660 WK 6 Ass.. Week 8 Project Paper 2 pages

 Week 6 Annotated Bibliography for the Week 8 Project Paper

 Search, review, and compile 10-15 references to be used for your Project Paper. APA-format these references, put them on a Word document along with a short abstract or review of each of the reference with its content and how you will be using them in your Project Paper. I expect to see at least 10 APA-formatted references, each followed by a 1-paragraph review of the article.

Submit for my review and approval on the Sunday of Week 6. 

Week 8 Project Paper


The deliverables for your Project Paper Assignment include a Word document that answers the questions described below. Your final paper should be between 10 to 15 pages long (longer is perfectly acceptable without penalty). Be sure the report is in MS Word, Times New Roman 12-pt font, with double spacing and 1 inch margins all-around, no additional spaces allowed. Cover page and references pages are also required in proper APA format.  In text citations must match the reference list provided

Heavy Metal Engineering (HME), a manufacturing organization that creates metal shell casings for very high-end washer and dryer products has suppliers and customers world-wide, as well as world-wide offices. HME the US Corporate office in NY hires you as a professional Information Assurance consultant.

HME is looking to receive some significant third party funding for an international joint venture but was told they would be denied because they do not have any kind of Information Assurance plan to keep all data assets secure.  You are required to create a comprehensive IA strategy that includes the following:

A detailed overview of what Information Assurance entails covering all the basics for an IA strategy (what will be protected and from what)

A plan or strategy for IA implementation including a framework

A complete risk mitigation strategy that completely outlines your plans to mitigate risks associated with operating in the 21st century workplace.

Select an accrediting body to ensure IA is not only a process but a part of organizational culture going forward

An incident response and disaster recovery plan in the event of intrusion and disaster

All sections should be clearly labeled and a separate section in each area specifically for justifications of your selection/proposal.

Your thoughts must be solidified with viable sources consistent with graduate level work.  No more than 2 sources may be used with ND or no author.  Scholarly and Peer reviewed sources are expected to be used throughout the bulk of this paper. 


homework help7


Discuss in 500 words, why institutions are reluctant to move their IT to the cloud. Consider specific industries like education, medicine, military, etc. 

Use at least three sources. Include at least 3 quotes from your sources enclosed in quotation marks and cited in-line by reference to your reference list. Cite your sources. Do not copy. Write in essay format not in bulleted, numbered or other list format. 

It is important that you use your own words, that you cite your sources, that you comply with the instructions regarding length of your post and that you reply to two classmates in a substantive way (not ‘nice post’ or the like). Do not use spinbot or other word replacement software. It usually results in nonsense and is not a good way to learn anything. Please do not use attachments unless requested. 


You have been assigned to investigate whether or not an employee at a local hospital has been accessing patient records and setting information to online pharmacies. It is your first day of the investigation. Put together a list of data sources that must be examined during the investigation.

Post between 200 and 300 words.

Please have the references separate for two of them