computer science c++

  mplement the class structure  that represents a shopping cart  for an online shop and items that  can be put in  the shopping cart . Create the following classes . Use appropriate access modifiers  ( member variables should be private!) and data types for each.  Don’t forget to add  getter  and  setter functions for each […]

Visual Basic Random Quiz App

There are attatchments for both the assignment requirements, and the questions for the quiz. (read them in from a file, you dont have to make your own questions.)   I need the assignment done by tuesday night (25 hours from now) and CANNOT be late. I need someone who can promise to get it done, […]

Survey Project

**Very Important need special care(I need this by 15th midnight – EST)  Survey Project Part   1 Create   Survey Create a survey or questionnaire   that could be used and collect data for a purpose or project of your choice.   The idea is to think through the process and identify questions that would […]

Failover and Disaster Recovery

Describe in 500 words the disaster recovery plan and who is responsible  at your place of employment. Consider the critical business functions and your recovery point objectives and recovery time objectives. Include at least one quote from 3 articles, place them in quotation marks and cite in-line (as all work copied from another should be handled). […]

assessment 3

Task Proceed according to the following instructions. 1. Identify an ethical dilemma or ethically questionable situation from ONE of the following four YouTube videos: Video1: Video2: Video3: Video4: Please include the link to the video in the references list of your assignment. 2. Undertake further research about the ethical issues you […]

computer course (powerpoint)

I have attached the four pictures that you are to make into a powerpoint presentation.  It is supposed to be four powerpoint slides. Directions:   Grading Rubric: Point Values PowerPoint Lab 1: Bobby’s Bake Shop 15 – Retrospect document theme applied; variant not changed 10 – Title slide created and formatted correctly 10 – Illustration […]

Digital Forensics

  Do a bit of research on-line. Find a criminal case that involved Digital Forensics.  Using WORD, write an ORIGINAL brief essay of 300 words or more describing the case and the how digital forensics were used  in the investigation. 

IDE Wars: JES Vs. IDLE Vs. PyCharm

  IDE Wars: JES vs. IDLE vs. PyCharm An IDE is an Integrated Development Environment. It is the application used to create applications and code.  Research the differences between JES, IDLE, and PyCharm. Compare/contrast features (a chart might be helpful). What Python IDEs are being used in the industry?  Be sure to cite your research […]