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The course text has identified the seven domains of a typical IT infrastructure.


Which is the quick reference guide from the PCI Security Standards Council. Using this document as a reference, please address how PCI security standards address risks to the organization through PCI goals and what are the domains in (typical IT infrastructure) that are affected by each one of the goals.

Please make sure that the paper is at least two pages long (main body) and APA formatted. Please make sure that there is a title page and references page as well.

Architecture and design

Any drafter or Autocad expert out there?

Please help. I need someone who can make me a complete structural/architectural house plans (especially the floor plan) for only $10. I’m willing to pay such price only because I don’t have any money. Please post your answer. I don’t need shake hands or advance payment. I will buy those who (has good rating in AUTOCAD) can post answer first. Thank you! This is serious.


This will be at least 2-storey building. The first one will be for commercial bulding and the other one is for residential.


Here is the lot area (A pentagonal Area):


22,510 mm NE at 128deg

17, 782 mm SE at 138 deg

18, 223 mm SW at 82deg

31693 mm W at 102 deg

5001 mm N at 90 deg.


The first floor will be for Commercial Building and the second floor is for residential building. 


 PM me for further instructions about this one. The above is just a short description of the project. Thanks.


Data science assignment

Identify all questions that you attempted in this template

Q1 Textbook Theory Questions

1. For each of parts (a) through (d), indicate whether we would generally expect the performance of a flexible statistical learning method to be better or worse than an inflexible method. Justify your answer.

(a) The sample size n is extremely large, and the number of predictors p is small.

(b) The number of predictors p is extremely large, and the number of observations n is small.

(c) The relationship between the predictors and response is highly non-linear.

(d) The variance of the error terms, i.e. ?2 = Var(), is extremely high

5. What are the advantages and disadvantages of a very flexible (versus a less flexible) approach for regression or classification? Under what circumstances might a more flexible approach be preferred to a less flexible approach? When might a less flexible approach be preferred?

6. Describe the differences between a parametric and a non-parametric statistical learning approach. What are the advantages of a parametric approach to regression or classification (as opposed to a nonparametric approach)? What are its disadvantages?

Q2 Textbook Applied Questions – Attempt with Python

8. Exploratory Data Analysis: College data set: College.csv. It contains a number of variables for 777 different universities and colleges in the US. Do all the exercises in Python:

8a. Read the csv file with pandas

8b.Fix the first row as row headers

8c. produce a numerical summary of the variables in the data set.  produce a scatterplot matrix of the first ten columns or variables of the data. produce side-by-side boxplots of Outstate versus Private Create a new qualitative variable, called Elite, by binning the Top10perc variable and divide universities into two groups based on whether or not the proportion of students coming from the top 10 % of their high school classes exceeds 50 % Produce some histograms with differing numbers of bins for a few of the quantitative variables: Room.Board’,’Books’, ‘Personal’, ‘Expend’ Examine the elite schools more closely.

Q3 Textbook Applied Questions – Attempt with Python

9. Exploration with Auto.csv data.

Make sure that the missing values have been removed from the data.

(a) Which of the predictors are quantitative, and which are qualitative?

(b) What is the range of each quantitative predictor?

(c) What is the mean and standard deviation of each quantitative predictor?

(d) Now remove the 10th through 85th observations. What is the range, mean, and standard deviation of each predictor in the subset of the data that remains?

(e) Using the full data set, investigate the predictors graphically, using scatterplots or other tools of your choice. Create some plots highlighting the relationships among the predictors. Comment on your findings.

(f) Suppose that we wish to predict gas mileage (mpg) on the basis of the other variables. Do your plots suggest that any of the other variables might be useful in predicting mpg? Justify your answer.

Q4 Textbook Applied Questions – Attempt with Python

10. Exploration with Boston.csv data

a) How many rows and columns in the data set? What do the rows and columns represent?

(b) Make pairwise scatterplots of the predictors (columns) in this data set. Describe findings.

(c) Are any of the predictors associated with per capita crime rate? If so, explain relationship. (d) Do any of the suburbs of Boston appear to have particularly high crime rates? Tax rates? Pupil-teacher ratios? Comment on the range of each predictor.

(e) How many of the suburbs in this data set bound the Charles river?

 (f) What is the median pupil-teacher ratio among the towns in this data set?

(g) Which suburb of Boston has lowest median value of owner occupied homes?

What are the values of the other predictors for that suburb, and how do those values compare to the overall ranges for those predictors? Comment on your findings.

(h) In this data set, how many of the suburbs average more than seven rooms per dwelling? More than eight rooms per dwelling? Comment on the suburbs that average more than eight rooms per dwelling.

Hint – several github sites have the complete solution in python e.g.



BMIS 209( pacific Trials Resort case)


 Compete the Pacific Trails Resort Case Study from Chapter 4. Create an external style sheet to configure color for your Pacific Trails Resort web site.







 You will need your textbook, Basics of Web Design, Notepad++ or TextWrangler, a browser and an Internet connection to complete this assignment.




Set up your Folders and Hands-On Practice



 You should have set up your folders for this class in Assignment #1A. If you haven’t then go back and do this first. Create a folder named chapter04 under the itd110/hopractice folder structure. Store the hands on practice exercises from Chapter 4 in this folder. We will be doing most of these during class in the classroom section. You will not be submitting these exercises, but you need to understand them so you can complete the assignments for this chapter

 Hands-On Practice 4.1 Inline CSS page 108 Hands-On Practice 4.2 Embedded CSS page 110 Hands-On Practice 4.3 External Styles page 113 Hands-On Practice 4.4 Class and ID Selectors page 115 Hands-On Practice 4.5 Span Element page 116 Hands-On Practice 4.6 External Style Sheet page 118 Hands-On Practice 4.7 CSS Syntax Validation page 120




Final Result



 The 2 finished pages should look like the examples below. The external CSS file supplies the colors and text properties.













Set up your Assignment Folder



 Create a folder named chapter04 under your itd110/assigns folder. Create a folder named ch4pacific under your itd110/assigns/chapter04 folder. Store the files for this assignment in this folder. See the score sheet before for the filenames and to understand how your assignment will be scored. Copy your previous version of the Pacific Trails files from Chapter 2 to this new folder.




Web Site Case Study



 Complete the Web Site Case Study for Pacific Trails Resort from Chapter 4. Instructions are on pages 124-126 of the textbook. You have five tasks in this case study: Create a new folder for the Pacific Trails Resort website. Create an external style sheet named pacific.css Update the home page: index.html Update the yurts page: yurts.html Update the pacific.css style sheet Note: Change to book instructions . For Task #3 and #4, include your full name as well as your current email address at the bottom of each page in the copyright notice email link.



 Correct example:
Carlotta Eaton [email protected] Do NOT use your [email protected] as shown in the textbook figures. Test your links to be sure that they work from page to page. Use the HTML Validator to check for any html errors. Do not submit. Use the CSS Validator to check for any css errors. Print to submit for the next assignment.





discussions and written assignment J



W4. Your aunt contacted you last night. Your cousin, who is 14, wants a Facebook account. Your aunt has heard lots of stories of how difficult it is to protect your privacy on Facebook, and she wants your advice. Research the privacy and security settings on Facebook and create a “User’s guide” for your aunt to work through with your cousin. Make sure you include information on how to remove your cousin from Facebook search results, make contact information private, keep friendships private, adjust Wall posting visibility, set up photo album privacy, customize photo tagging, and explain what personal information should and should not be included on your cousin’s profile.

W5. You really like the concept of web-based computing and want to use as many web-based programs as possible. Write a brief paragraph discussing the programs you would use for productivity, file storage, collaboration, and communication. What are the benefits and drawbacks of each choice?

W7. You will want to keep an archive of all your academic work so you can develop the best possible e-portfolio at graduation. Which type of portable hard drive is best suited to your needs? What size? Do you need built-in WiFi? Can the drive stream media content? Do you think you could store everything you produce in your academic career in a single cloud storage account?

W9. You’re working for a local coffee shop that offers free wireless access to customers. Your supervisor has asked you to create a flyer for patrons that warns them of the potential dangers of surfing the Internet in public places. Conduct research on the Internet about using public hotspots to access the Internet. Prepare a list of specific steps that customers can take to protect their data when surfing on publicly accessible networks.

W10. With the arrival of reliable, fast, networked digital information, businesses can track the location and status of all kinds of objects, such as cars and bicycles. This is introducing a new business model different from individual ownership—now, using a car can become a “subscription” service. What options are there for “subscribing” to a car instead of owning one? How about for a bicycle? Are there other businesses you can identify that would be able to take advantage of digital information and become subscription services instead of vendors of a physical product? What are the advantages to the consumer of subscription over ownership? What are the drawbacks?

W11. Computer security professionals are among the highest-paid employees in information technology organizations. Using employment sites such as,, and, research computer security jobs available in the state where your school is located (try searching “computer security”). Select three entry-level computer security jobs from different employers and prepare a document comparing the following: What are the educational requirements? What job skills are required? How much prior work experience are firms looking for? Are programming skills required?

W13. You work in the information technology group of a chain of sporting goods stores. The company operates 40 locations in seven states. The 40 locations are organized into four regions (north, south, east, and west) with 10 stores each. Regional managers are responsible for inventory management, procurement of inventory, sales, and marketing for their particular region. The company has been processing all transactions electronically (with customers and suppliers), and it has captured all the data in a large data warehouse. Unfortunately, the regional managers are complaining that there is so much information in the data warehouse that extracting meaningful data has become difficult. You’ve just been placed on the team that will be designing a new data strategy for the company.

a. Setting up data marts would probably help with the accessibility of information. What type of data marts would you suggest setting up? Make sure you explain who will benefit from the data marts you suggest.

b. For the data marts you identified, list the data that should be stored in each data mart and explain how the regional managers could make use of that information to manage their group of stores.



1. Now that digital publishing is so accessible to everyone, how should a publishing business respond? Are there ways that existing publishing houses can take advantage of the easy access readers have to publish extensions of stories? What about in the fields of video or music—how might a business encourage the involvement of the fan base of a movie or a band by using the media-creation tools available? (Chapter 8)

2. After reading Chapter 9, you know you should have a good backup strategy in place for your key data. Consider the following:

How often do you back up critical data files such as homework files? What type of device do you use for backing up files? Where do you store the backups to ensure they won’t be destroyed if a major disaster (such as a fire) destroys your computer? Do you use online sites for file backups?



3d printing current issues

2-4 page paper discussing the current state of 3d printing. Current issues regarding the law. Also why and what people and companies use 3d printing for today. Such as printing firearm components at home. 


Risk management


For this assignment, you will be implementing outcomes to a scenario pertaining to risk management.

This situation is based on the following: a renter of a townhome, the landlord – owner of the townhome, and the wooden fence that surrounds the renter’s backyard. The townhome is located steps away from a busy walking path located directly behind the wooden fence. One of the wooden panels on the fence dry-rotted and fell, which allows for a direct view and access into the back yard and porch of the tenant. The renter has asked the landlord multiple times to repair the fence to no avail. The situation worsens after the tenant purchases a scooter to travel to and from work. She does not have a garage and parks her scooter on her back porch.

In a one-to-two page paper, explain what would happen if the tenant’s scooter was stolen by associating each of the following risk management methods to her loss: risk mitigation, risk transference, risk sharing, risk avoidance and risk acceptance. Within your paper, be sure to explain who you think would be held responsible.


After launching, the users of Cross-Ride application grows and database size grows exponentially. As a consequence, this API of top ride sharing users /api/top-rides becomes very slow. Keeping in mind the current structure of database tables, propose thre

After launching, the users of Cross-Ride application grows and database size grows exponentially. As a consequence, this API of top ride sharing users /api/top-rides becomes very slow. Keeping in mind the current structure of database tables, propose three different possible solutions/improvements to increase the response time of this API? 

*I need by 12am tonight.



I need someone who know how to use FTK

Here is your assigned forensic image file.  You must examine the contents of this image file using the Forensic Toolkit (FTK) software, and create a forensic report based on your findings . . .
the instructions and the scenario is attached 

Link to Forensic Image File

Architecture and design

500 words – response

a report focused on one of the topics or architects discussed in the previous classes.

Submitting a paper does not guarantee any extra credit. It depends on the quality of the paper you submit.

The topics/architects were:

-Louis Sullivan

-Frank Lloyd Wright

-Bruce Goff

-Frank Gehry

-Bruce Goff

-The language of Postmodern Architecture


-Zaha Hadid

-Michael Reynolds (The Garbage Warrior)

Please review the instructions and tips here below:

-Support your argument

-DO NOT SUBMIT YOUR NOTES OR BULLET POINTS. I am asking you to write a 500 word paper. 

A good report should have a good organization. So it should have an intro, main body and conclusions. It contains a clear argument, your opinions and accurate evidence. Please mention your sources and use footnotes for your citations.


-Show me that you studied the sources. Any quotation from written sources such as books, magazines, journals is appreciated. 

-Style of quotations= Please refer to the Chicago Manual of Style. More important be coherent and remember to quote according the same style.

-Write a good paper

-Be clear

-Your opinion on the topic is appreciated but should be supported by sources or a a solid argument.